Monthly Archives: November 2011

Rebecca Domange – making a contribution to women’s cycling

Bec Domange (white jersey) racing in the NSW Grand Prix Series in December 2010

I recently met (at least by phone) yet another women who is passionate about cycling – Rebecca Domange. Bec has been racing for just a few years and now wants to pass on what she’s learnt by mentoring other women and even starting her own team in the future.

Melbourne-based Bec Domange took up cycling about five years ago after injuries from running and basketball forced her to find a new sport and form of exercise and in her own words soon became addicted. She joined her local club – Caulfield-Carnegie and started racing E grade against the 10 and 11 year olds (I can definitely relate to this) which she found very frustrating. She soon overtook the youngsters and headed up the grades to mix it with the older guys and within two years was racing B grade.

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Product review: Netti comes of age

Me in the new Netti kit

A small side benefit of starting this blog (and letting a few people in the cycling industry know about it) is that I’ve so far received a few products to review so I want to disclose that up front. You might think that compels me to say great things about every product but luckily for me the Netti kit I was sent is really nice so it’s easy to say nice things without it being seen as biased.

The Netti brand has been around for many years and most cyclists associate it with high viz clothing for commuters, and in the past that’s probably fairly accurate but the brand has been reborn with a new range that I believe is divided into three levels – commuter, elite and performance. The kit I received fits in the elite range. They even have a new logo.

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My 2011 Gong ride

Me on the Sea Cliff Bridge during the ride

I completed the Gong ride for the fourth time yesterday and thought it timely to tell you about my experience in the hope that it will encourage more female cyclists to participate in future events like this. Each state around Australia has these types of events that are run annually.

Firstly, it was all good from my perspective so don’t be expecting to read some gruesome tale here. Beautiful conditions – warm and very little wind.

I did the Gong ride for the first time in 2008 about five weeks after I’d started riding so you can imagine that three years later it seemed like a completely different experience. My first attempt was the shorter version from Heathcote to the Gong which was about 55 km.

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