Aussie pro cyclist Rachel Neylan

Amazing persistence and focus pays off for Aussie Pro Cyclist Rachel Neylan

Two months ago, I attended a women’s cycling event at a local bike shop and was thrilled to meet Aussie pro cyclist Rachel Neylan. I was really impressed when I heard Rachel recount her story of determination to reach the top echelons of Australian women’s cycling. I was also impressed to find out that she was the driving force behind the event I was attending, and she was leaving Australia the very next day to begin her European season. On the night Rachel agreed to an interview and here’s the result….. Q: How did you get into cycling? I was

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The frame is the most important part of the bicycle

The frame is the most important part of the bicycle

Before I worked in the bike industry, I was of the view that if you wanted to buy a road bike then your focus should be on the gearing of the bike, but I now know that the frame is the most important part of the bicycle. The frame provides strength and rigidity and largely determines the handling. The gearing which definitely matters, plays a secondary role. Just like many road bike buyers, when I bought my current carbon-framed bike I used the level of gearing on the bike as the key determinate. I first decided whether I wanted an

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Changing a flat bicycle tyre

Changing a flat bicycle tyre is easy for anyone

The most important bike maintenance lesson you need is changing a flat bicycle tyre. If you ride a bike often enough you’re going to find yourself in a predicament where you need to fit a new inner tube, and it’s likely to be beside a road or similar inconvenient location. Even if you aren’t really confident of your own ability, you should definitely carry a spare tube, tyre levers and a pump or CO2. I guarantee that if you’re in an area where other cyclists ride past, you’ll be offered help by others. There are however a few things you

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Giro Rosa 2017

Get behind the Aussie riders in the Giro Rosa 2017

Each year I promote the women’s pro cycling race, Italy’s Giro Rosa 2017, and each time I also lament the fact that it’s held at the same time as the very high profile Tour de France. As a consequence it passes by almost unnoticed by most sports fans. Up until a few years ago it was considered the biggest stage race on the women’s calendar, but I’d argue that the much newer stage races – the Women’s Tour of Britain and the Women’s Tour of California – have now got a higher profile. Nonetheless I’d like to play my part

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cycling in the wind

A women’s guide to cycling in the wind

A few weeks ago I talked about riding in the rain, so I felt it would be good to cover off the other inclement weather condition, and deal with the issue of cycling in the wind. I avoid riding in really high wind, but there are occasions when you won’t have a choice so it’s good to know how to handle it. Here’s a few tips: Get low Being aerodynamic makes you go faster in good conditions, and the same theory applies when you ride in windy weather. So get down on the drops on your road bike and tuck

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riding around Dubbo Zoo

Great fun riding around Dubbo Zoo

My partner and some of my family members are just back from a great long weekend away where we found ourselves riding around Dubbo Zoo. It was a great way to see the zoo because you could ride right up to all the enclosures. But it got me thinking that tourist attractions like the zoo in western NSW is doing a great job of normalising bike riding. This is because most of the people riding bikes around the zoo are not regular riders so it’s promoting riding to them. I expect that some of them return home and start riding

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2017 Women’s Tour cycle race

Get out and support the 2017 Women’s Tour cycle race

I love to see women’s pro cycling develop, and one race that’s growing nicely is the 2017 Women’s Tour cycle race, previously known as the Women’s Tour of Britain which starts in England tomorrow. It’s a five stage race covering the areas of Northamptonshire, Warwickshire, Staffordshire Derbyshire, and a final criterium race in London on 11 June 2017. This year is the fourth edition of the race, and the first time the race has finished in the capital, using the same six-kilometre circuit around central London as the men’s Tour of Britain. Speaking at the launch of the route, race director

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avoid riding my road bike in the rain

I avoid riding my road bike in the rain. How about you?

I must admit that I’m a fair weather rider and avoid riding my road bike in the rain. However, while I never go out for a ride if it’s already pouring, I have on occasion been caught in a downpour and had to continue riding. So whether you are keen to keep riding no matter the conditions, or like me you occasionally get caught, here’s a few tips for riding in the rain: Increase visibility Possibility the worst part about riding in the rain is a major decrease in visibility. It is hard for other people to see you, particularly

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carry on my road bike

Help! What should I carry on my road bike for emergencies and mishaps

All riders should be ready for minor emergencies and mishaps and here’s what I carry on my road bike at all times. Even if you’re not super confident about changing your own flat tyre you should carry an inner tube and the equipment to change and inflate your tyre, because road riders are a friendly group and someone will always offer to help you. So here’s the list of items that I always carry on my road bike: Spare inner tube There are many different tube sizes, several different value types and lengths so make sure you buy the right

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efficient gear changing on your road bike

Efficient gear changing on your road bike will transform your riding

When I first started riding a road bike I must admit that I was a little bamboozled by all those gears,  but trust me efficient gear changing on your road bike will really make a difference to your speed. I was somewhat overwhelmed to find my first road bike had 20 gears, and wondered how I was ever going to utilise them all. And believe it or not you will use most of them on a regular basis. And I, like so many other new riders used to ride in a ‘big’ gear when I first started riding a road

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