Overcoming mental barriers

How to overcome mental barriers to become a better cyclist

When I first started riding a road bike about seven and a half years ago I had to overcome both physical and mental barriers to cycling. I hadn’t really ridden a bike since I got my drivers’ licence when I was 17 years old, so I wasn’t bike fit and I didn’t have any bike skills. But it didn’t take me too long to get my physical act in order. I soon learned that my real barriers were mental ones – Could I really ride that far? Did I look ok in lycra? Was I good enough? Is this an

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female pro cyclist

Female pro cyclist Kimberley Wells focused on a huge year in 2016

One of the many topics I love to cover in my posts is the world of the female pro cyclist. They receive so little coverage compared to their male counterparts that I feel it’s part of my responsibility to help. Plus I really love to interact with them. I first spoke to Kimberley Wells three years ago so thought it was about time we caught up with her. Kimberley and I exchanged a few emails for this interview…..   Q: What are you up to Kimberley? A: Racing up in Belgium at the moment. Ran 7th in the Dwars Door

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Women can fix bikes

Easy bike maintenance that will save you money

Undertaking regular bike maintenance is a topic that applies equally to female and male riders but this post is directed more to women who often think they aren’t very good at things like easy bike maintenance. And that simply isn’t true. You don’t have to be a man to learn some basic (or even more advanced) bike maintenance. Women are just as capable, or perhaps even more, than men at keeping their bikes in good working order. Keeping your bike running well can actually save you money because the parts on your bike will wear better and need replacing less

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Me on my beloved Specialized Amira.

Female cyclists – Don’t let MAMILs intimidate you

I must confess that this week I’m struggling a bit to write a blog post. I have a great list of potential topics I wrote last week (thanks to an online course I’m currently undertaking) but I’ve just read through it and nothing inspires me. So you’ll have to excuse this week’s rather short and not overly focused offering. One thing I’ve noticed about the many women I speak to about cycling in the bike shop where I work is that many of them feel a bit intimidated by other (particular male) cyclists. They often say ‘oh, I’m not a

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Road pedals, cleats & shoes

Every woman’s guide to riding with clip-in pedals

I work in a bike shop and I often get asked about clip-in pedals from both men and women. But it seems that the women are a little more nervous about the idea. They fear falling off and injurying themselves, or worse still embarrassing themselves. I’m really lucky that my partner coerced me into riding my road bike with clip-ins from day one and I never looked back. So to make it a bit easier here’s some background information about clip-in pedals and the different types and some tips to get started. I’ll focus mainly on road pedals and cleats

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US woman striving to be the world’s fastest female on a bicycle

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a woman from the US who is attempting to break a land speed record later this year. The story had me really intrigued so I read more and here’s some Q&A which I found on her website – Project Speed. In September 2016, Denise Mueller will be the first woman in cycling history to attempt a paced bicycle land speed record on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. What is the appeal of the Land Speed Record? It is uncharted territory. Something no woman has done before, yet men have been setting

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What’s the best way to store my bike?

I received an email from one of my regular readers Tamara last month who put in special request for me to write a post about bike storage. So this one’s for you Tamara. You may already have your own storage sorted but hopefully this will help others. There seems to be two major issues with bike storage – space and security. There’s also the question of weather protection, but for most of us it seems to be important to maximise the use of space, and to ensure that your precious stead is secure. So I’ll address the issue of space

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Kristy Scrymgeour – the next phase for a women’s cycling advocate

I first met Kristy Scrymgeour four years ago, not long after I’d started this blog. Over those four years she’s been on quite a journey so it was great to catch up with her last month overlooking the iconic Maroubra Beach during her annual pilgrimage to her home town. For those of you who follow the women’s pro peleton in Europe and the US you’ll know that Kristy has spent the past four years running her own women’s cycling team. It was initially called Specialized-lululemon and more recently Velocio-SRAM. You might also know that Kristy and her team folded at

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One ‘woman who cycles’ view of the new laws in NSW

In my home state of NSW there will be a number of new laws relating to cycling introduced from the start of next month and up until now I’ve let others do the talking. But it’s time I joined in the debate and let my voice be heard. For those who are not from NSW from 1 March 2016, my esteemed government will introduce a number of new laws. The first one is very positive from a cyclist’s perspective: Drivers who pass a bicycle rider must allow a distance of at least: 1 metre when the speed limit is 60km/h

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Good news for female cyclists – Fitter legs = fitter brain

If you read this blog regularly you’ll know that I’m keen on stories about brain health and ageing and this story I came across at www.biospace.com resonated strongly with me. Here’s a slightly edited version of the report…… Researchers at King’s College London have found that muscle fitness as measured by power in the legs is strongly associated with an improved rate of ageing in the brain. The findings, published in a journal called Gerontology, suggest that simple interventions, such as increased levels of walking (and let’s assume cycling), targeted to improve leg power in the long term may have

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