How do I get my partner to ride with me

How do I get my partner to ride with me?

‘How do I get my partner to ride with me’ is a question I’ve been asked quite a few times by both men and women. They, like me, love cycling so much that they want to share its many benefits with those closest to them. So here’s a few tips that might help. Before you read on, please excuse the stereotyping and generalising. I’m assuming a low level of bike skills applies here (just like me before I took up road cycling). These thoughts certainly don’t apply to every woman. Be patient and understanding Women generally approach activities like cycling

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When should I replace my bicycle helmet?

When should I replace my bicycle helmet?

A question I often get asked by customers who come to the bike shop where I work is, “When should I replace my bicycle helmet?” And the answer is often fairly long. In Australia we are required by law to wear an Australian-approved bicycle helmet while riding, but many people use very old helmets, or ones that are very worn or even compromised by an impact. So here’s a few tips to help you decide when you need to upgrade your helmet. Excuse the pun, but it’s a no brainer to replace a helmet once it’s been involved in an

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guide to indoor trainers

A female rider’s guide to indoor trainers

In my hometown of Sydney, we’ve had heaps of rain over the past couple of weeks, and in fact it’s raining as I write my guide to indoor trainers. Prolonged wet weather always gets Sydney cyclists talking about using indoor trainers to keep fit. We’re lucky enough to ride all year round in most parts of Australia, but there are plenty of riders around the world who head indoors during their very cold winters. So I thought it would be worthwhile to provide some information about the indoor trainer options, especially with the huge growth in the use of ‘smart’

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Aussie women of Wiggle High5

Catching up with the Aussie women of Wiggle High5

A couple of weeks ago I published an interview with Wiggle High5 owner/manager Rochelle Gilmore and thought I’d follow it up with an interview with the other Aussie women of Wiggle High5, riders Amy Cure and Nettie (Annette Edmondson). Enjoy…. Q: How have you found the racing in Australia over the summer months? Amy – It has been really fun. I’ve enjoyed myself a lot. I think taking a break from the road last season has really helped me, and I think It’s what I needed. It really confirmed how much I missed it, and I’m really looking forward to

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the role of the bicycle in improving women's lives

International Women’s Day: the role of the bicycle in improving women’s lives

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day which got me thinking about the role of the bicycle in improving women’s lives. The campaign theme for this year is “Be Bold For Change” which fits beautifully with the role the humble bike has had in forging change for women. In a democratic country like mine, women take our freedoms for granted but it hasn’t always been so easy. We have our forebears to thank for much of what we enjoy. Strangely there are many parallels between Victorian society and the restrictions women have in countries in the Middle East and Africa today. And

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hit by a car while riding my bike

Three weeks ago I was hit by a car while riding my bike

This is a blog post that I hoped I’d never have to write, but it’s an all too common story from road cyclists in my hometown of Sydney – three weeks ago I was hit by a car while riding my bike. I was riding through a roundabout in the street where I live, and a car entered the roundabout and hit me. I went over her bonnet and landed on the ground. Miraculously I was not badly injured, although I’ve had medical treatment and ongoing therapy. But on balance I’m a very lucky woman. I’m writing this post not

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cyclists should add regular resistance training

Female cyclists should add regular resistance training to the mix

Whether you’re a competitive or recreational cyclist, all cyclists should add regular resistance training sessions to their exercise mix. Regular resistance training can improve your strength, help you maintain bone density and aid in injury prevention. I’ve been doing a weekly resistance training session for about ten years which is longer than I’ve been cycling. I believe it plays an important part in my exercise program which also includes jogging. My focus has always been on general resistance training to keep me strong and to help with bone density rather than improving my cycling. Perhaps if I was a more

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anti-ageing and cycling

Good news for women who cycle – anti-ageing and cycling are closely linked

A friend of mine (thanks Jackie) sent me a link to a great article about 105 year old Frenchman named Robert Marchand which shows a clear connection with anti-ageing and cycling. It’s worth a read. But in short, Monsieur Marchand has confounded researchers by making improvements in his cycling ability even at the age of 105! I find the subject of anti-ageing quite fascinating. The older I get, the more mortal I feel, and like most of us, I want to live for as long as possible, but with a good quality of life. So I decided to do some

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involved in a minor bicycle accident

What you should do when you’re involved in a minor bicycle accident

This week’s post is a bit late I’m afraid. I was waiting on an interview but it hasn’t materialised. Instead I’ve gone with the important topic of what to do if you’re involved in a minor bicycle accident. Here’s a few tips: Assess yourself first If you are in significant pain and you’re lying on the ground then take your time to get up, and accept the help of others who have first aid training. If you are in a dangerous situation, like the middle of a road then ask others for assistance to alert traffic until you are able

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Rochelle Gilmore

A candid chat with Wiggle High5 women’s team owner Rochelle Gilmore

I recently met up with Rochelle Gilmore, owner and manager of the Wiggle High5 women’s professional team and fellow Australian. Rochelle, who is based in Europe for most of the year met with me over a plate of upmarket fish and chips. All the while looking over the picturesque Cronulla beach, Rochelle’s Sydney home. She managed to squeeze me in between a morning ride with a friend, and a flight to Melbourne to be with her team for the Cadel Evans Melbourne race. It was the second time I’d sat down for a chat with Rochelle, and she was as candid

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