avoid riding my road bike in the rain

I avoid riding my road bike in the rain. How about you?

I must admit that I’m a fair weather rider and avoid riding my road bike in the rain. However, while I never go out for a ride if it’s already pouring, I have on occasion been caught in a downpour and had to continue riding. So whether you are keen to keep riding no matter the conditions, or like me you occasionally get caught, here’s a few tips for riding in the rain: Increase visibility Possibility the worst part about riding in the rain is a major decrease in visibility. It is hard for other people to see you, particularly

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carry on my road bike

Help! What should I carry on my road bike for emergencies and mishaps

All riders should be ready for minor emergencies and mishaps and here’s what I carry on my road bike at all times. Even if you’re not super confident about changing your own flat tyre you should carry an inner tube and the equipment to change and inflate your tyre, because road riders are a friendly group and someone will always offer to help you. So here’s the list of items that I always carry on my road bike: Spare inner tube There are many different tube sizes, several different value types and lengths so make sure you buy the right

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efficient gear changing on your road bike

Efficient gear changing on your road bike will transform your riding

When I first started riding a road bike I must admit that I was a little bamboozled by all those gears,  but trust me efficient gear changing on your road bike will really make a difference to your speed. I was somewhat overwhelmed to find my first road bike had 20 gears, and wondered how I was ever going to utilise them all. And believe it or not you will use most of them on a regular basis. And I, like so many other new riders used to ride in a ‘big’ gear when I first started riding a road

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Pro Cyclist Amanda Spratt

Meet Aussie Pro Cyclist Amanda Spratt who started 2017 in style

This week we hear from European-based Aussie pro cyclist Amanda Spratt, who hails from my home state of NSW. Amanda, or Spratty as I believe she’s known, has had a solid start to 2017 with a few great results. She was the overall winner of the Women’s Tour Down Under series and second in the Australian National Road Race, a title which she won in 2012 and 2016. Q: You started this year well with a win in the Women’s Tour Down Under series on home soil, how has the year continued for you? My first goal for 2017 was

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Specialized Women's Racing

Specialized Women’s Racing, raising the profile of women’s pro racing on the domestic scene

One thing I’m really keen to do with this blog is to promote women’s professional road racing, so this week you can read about Australian team Specialized Women’s Racing. I caught up via email with team manager Liz Phillipou recently: Q: How many years has your team been in existence? First race was Noosa 2011, we are now in our 6th year of existence. Q: You’ve had a few sponsor changes over the years, is it difficult to be constantly looking for new ones? We have been extremely lucky to have the support of Specialized Australia since day one. We have had

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