Magpies attack cyclists in Spring – they’re back early

It’s nearly Spring in my home town of Sydney, and while it’s an awesome time of the year to ride a bike, it also means that there’ll be lots of angry birds swooping cyclists in the next couple of months because magpies attack cyclists in Spring. I usually wait until mid September to talk about bird attacks but they seem to have started earlier this year so here’s my advice. Magpies seem to get most of the mentions, but in my local area there are a couple of very vicious butcherbirds that re-emerge at this time of year to protect

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Mindfulness and cycling

Mindfulness and Cycling go together

I really love the concept of mindfulness, and as my regular readers know, I really love cycling, so to me, mindfulness and cycling go together beautifully. Mindfulness is about focusing on the present moment, instead of dwelling on the past, or fixating on future events. It’s about being present, even if it’s not something that brings you pleasure. And as much as I love the concept of mindfulness, I’m not always good at it. So here’s why mindfulness and cycling go hand-in-hand, and this is why you should practice it while riding: You’ll enjoy the things around you I love

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Women Who Cycle

Happy 6th birthday to Women Who Cycle

I do confess that I love birthdays, so I’m very happy to be celebrating the sixth birthday of my blog Women Who Cycle. When I started this adventure, I had no notion that it would run for six years and beyond. And who knows how many years it will continue. It has been a six year labour of love, and a fantastic journey for me. I’ve met heaps of great people, some face-to-face but many via the phone or email. So many people have been so generous with their time and expertise. I’ve even formed friendships with people I’ve met

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cycling improves your physical health

Cycling improves your physical health, get out there

I was thrilled to hear from my in-laws earlier this year, that they have taken up regular cycling and it’s had some great physical benefits, because we all know that cycling improves your physical health. The benefits for them have included a significant reduction in their blood pressure as well as improving their overall health. These two are not spring chickens, but through a relatively short daily ride they’ve really made a difference to their quality of life. So I thought I’d have a look at why a small amount of riding is so beneficial to them. My research has

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Road bike disc brakes

Road bike disc brakes are here, and all women are going to want them

Cycling Australia made an interesting announcement last week, allowing the use of road bike disc brakes for most road bike racing within Australia, effective immediately. It was interesting because the international body, the UCI is still dragging the chain on the same issue, despite some of the big name riders like Marcel Kittel in the recent Tour de France winning several stages on a disc brake-equipped bike. Apparently disc brakes have been allowed in the US club scene since 2015. So I suspect that from January 2018 the UCI will allow them too, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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