magic powers of the bicycle

The magic powers of the bicycle

It seems fitting that in the week leading up to Christmas we talk about the concept of magic, and there’s no greater magic for me than the magic powers of the bicycle. I know it’s a big call, and I’m sure any non cyclist reading this will think I’m a little strange, but those of you who have been mesmerised by bike riding, will be able to relate. For me, taking up road cycling nine years ago was life changing so I’ll declare it has magical powers. Here’s a few reasons why: Turns introverts into social butterflies A fellow female

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Women Who Cycle’s Christmas Gift Guide for female roadies

Like everyone else at this time of year I’ve got a few friends and family who are difficult to buy for, so I write an annual Christmas Gift Guide for female roadies to help others. I often include items I already own or would like to own. Here’s my picks for 2017: Socks Socks this year have become very colourful and interesting so there’s no excuse for finding a great pair of socks to match every woman’s favourite kit. I really like these ones from Defeet. Caps Cycling caps are great for wearing under your helmet in winter to keep

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World Bike Girl

The amazing life of the World Bike Girl

One of the very best things about being cycling blogger is connecting with extraordinary women and their bikes, and the World Bike Girl Ishbel has an amazing story to share. She is travelling around the world by bike rescuing homeless dogs. She actually contacted me a few months ago and we’ve been corresponding by email. Here’s a few Q&As, but I encourage you to visit her website to learn more. Q: I read that you grew up in Scotland, but now travel the world by bike. Is there a country you call home? Do you still see your family? Do

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