encourage your kids to ride a bike

How to encourage your kids to ride a bike

I often get asked by parents who want to know how to encourage your kids to ride a bike. I was alarmed to read a few statistics in a great media release from We Ride Australia (formerly the Cycling Promotion Fund). There’s been a 42 per cent decline in active travel to school from 1971 to 2013. Sales of kid’s bikes has dropped to a ten year low, dropping about 22 per cent over a ten year period. So how do you get your kids to get off their devices and ride a bike. Here’s a few tips….. There are

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Women's Tour Down Under

Women gain equal prize money for Women’s Tour Down Under

Congratulations to the South Australian Government on its inspired decision to offer equal prize money for the Women’s Tour Down Under pro cycling race. As the men’s edition of the race was wrapping up on the weekend, the Sports Minister announced that his Government would add extra cash to the prize pool. I believe this is a first for women’s professional road cycling, where the women usually earn way less in prize money even for similar races. In last year’s Tour of Flanders race, the women’s prize money was reportedly 1,100 euros, compared to about 20,000 euros for the men.

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The Cyclists’ Alliance is a huge leap forward for women’s professional cycling

I almost missed the news that slipped out just before Christmas that a fantastic new initiative for women’s professional cycling, The Cyclists’ Alliance was here. Formed and backed by some of women’s cycling’s biggest names, the new international cycling union aims to be a resource and a cohesive voice for professional cyclists in order to promote and protect athlete safety and enhance professionalism within the sport. “We will work as a partner with the UCI and the UCI-registered women’s teams to help them form the first women’s teams association in global cycling,” says founder Iris Slappendel. “The Alliance is here to

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mentally prepare for a challenging bike ride

How to mentally prepare for a challenging bike ride

When I first started doing long rides, my training and preparation was almost entirely based on my physical readiness and not on the need to mentally prepare for a challenging bike ride. I’ve always understood the big role that mental preparation plays for elite athletes, but I never thought I had anything in common with them. After more than nine years of cycling, I’ve done quite a few charity rides and a small amount of racing and I always get very nervous beforehand. But I’ve never known how to overcome it except to just accept that it happens and live

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cycling New Year’s resolutions

Set your cycling New Year’s resolutions and get out and ride your bike

I’m a great fan of the New Year’s Resolution, and although I often forget mine almost as soon I’ve set them, I keep coming up with them year after year, so here’s my cycling New Year’s resolutions. I also have a few personal ones but I don’t plan to share them here. Last year my blog post about New Year’s resolutions was a bit wishy washy and consequently I didn’t actually do any of what I preached. One of my friends did point this out to me at the time, so this year I’m going to return to the tried

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