Sarah Gigante

Anything is possible with the talented Sarah Gigante

It’s always an honour to interview Australia’s best female cyclists and Sarah Gigante is no exception. She upset the field in the National Road Nationals at the beginning of 2019 to take her biggest victory and she’s got a great future head of her, both on and off the bike. Q: You started this year with a fantastic victory at the Road Nationals in your home state of Victoria, was that the highlight of your year? A: Winning the Road Race Nationals in Buninyong in my first year racing against the elite women was definitely the highlight of 2019 for

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what is the best pre-ride food for cycling

What is the best pre-ride food for cycling?

A few times recently I’ve found myself in a conversation with other riders about what is the best pre-ride food for cycling. For me, I actually don’t eat before a short ride like my regular Wednesday ride of 30 km because it’s not high intensity and I feel like my meal from the night before provides me with enough fuel. On my longer more intense rides usually on the weekend I eat a banana before I ride which gives me enough fuel to get started. But every woman (and man) is different so you need to experiment and decide what

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Training for a long bike ride

A few tips for women training for a long bike ride

Training for a long bike ride is essential for me because I’m not capable of riding long distances without getting some kilometres in my legs. I’m a huge fan of setting goals and committing to an organised event because it provides me with an incentive to get out of bed early in the morning and get on my bike. By long bike ride, I’m thinking of 100 km or more. Of course, this is all relative so this advice applies to whatever the definition of a long ride is for you. Get some ‘Ks’ in your legs There is no

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buying an e-bike

how to return to riding your road bike after buying an e-bike

A friend of mine suggested that I write a blog post about how to return to riding your road bike after buying an e-bike. She recently bought herself an e-bike to commute to and from work, and due to a holiday and other life obstacles had a break from riding her road bike. She found it difficult to return to the human-powered riding mainly because of the physical exertion that was required. She actually answered her own question while we were discussing this quandary, but I thought it was worth exploring the topic. For her, the answer was to think

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