Cycling Without Age

Elderly people feeling the wind in their hair with Cycling Without Age

I love to learn about how cycling changes lives and Cycling Without Age which has recently set up in Parramatta is a great example. Cycling Without Age is a fantastic organisation giving elderly people access to the joys of cycling and it has a wonderful background story from one of my ancestral homes of Denmark. The concept is based on trishaws that are modified e-bikes allowing a pilot to ride with two passengers.  It was started by a visionary guy called Ole Kassow who met an elderly man on a park bench in Copenhagen which prompted him to rent a

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riding up steep hills on a road bike

A woman’s guide to riding up steep hills on a road bike

Okay…confession time – I really don’t like riding up hills, particularly riding up steep hills on a road bike but the reality is, that they exist and I need to learn how to ride them. So I’ve done a little research and put together a few tips that will help both you and me learn to handle them a little better. Fit the right gearing to your bike If steep climbs are on your agenda, just remember that even top climbing professional riders have compact chain rings and wide-ranging rear cassettes, so you are not wimping out by doing the

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women’s cycling journeys

Women’s cycling journeys: Jo’s journey through life with a bike

I love to hear about other women’s cycling journeys, so I was pleased to hear that my club mate Jo wanted to write about her cycling journey. I immediately asked her if I could publish it as a blog post. Bicycles have played an important role in her life and I really enjoyed hearing about the different phases of her life, and how riding played a part. Over to you Jo Coverdale……. COVID has given me time to reflect on some of the important times in my life – and how riding my bike has been a part of them.

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