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Here’s a few of my favourite things. It’s a bit Sydney-centric but I’m happy to include other stuff if you let me know about it.

There are very few Sydney bike shops that carry a significant range of women’s products or clothing. A couple of exceptions are Clarence Street Cyclery and Liv/Giant both in the city of Sydney. Clarence Street has a separate women’s specific section and the Giant store has a separate shopfront right next door to the main store.

Another great place to find women’s cycling gear is online. A couple of women’s specific sites are Velocio Cycling Apparel (the most comfortable and best looking apparel I’ve ever worn) and Team Estrogen.

In early 2011 I attended a weekend workshop for keen women cyclists run by a woman called Donna Meehan and I’ve since done other workshops runs by her. Donna runs all sorts of educational sessions for women of all levels of cycling. Her workshop certainly helped boost my confidence and had me riding on the velodrome for the very first time in a nurturing women only environment. Her business is Sydney-based and is called Domestique.

The following sites have some great resources for women cyclists:

Total Women’s Cycling from the UK

Women’s Cycling from Canada

In recent years I’ve put a much higher emphasis on my own fitness. Part of my success is due to the fabulous Lil & Vic from Let’s Get Fit in Homebush. I go there once a week for a group personal training session.

My friend Phil at CompuTrainer offers electronic indoor cycling training systems. This cycling computer combines analytical coaching software with 3D interactive graphics and real course videos to create an effective indoor cycling experience.

Women’s professional cycling is so under-represented in the Australian and international media. In fact you never hear about it. Aussie cyclist Chloe Hosking writes a great blog.

There’s also a great website written by UK-based Sarah Connolly which tracks the women’s pro scene in Europe.


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