10 great cycle routes for women

Amsterdam-bike-and-canalWomen Who Cycle was contacted by a guy called Aaron who offered to write a blog post about great bike routes around the world for women (and men of course too). I couldn’t turn him down. So here’s Aaron’s top 10 around the globe……..

Not all of us are like Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome – as cyclists we don’t all aspire to conquer the biggest, greatest races the world has to offer, and we’re not all enamoured by the Tour De France. Although many of us do cycle for fitness, many of us also cycle for pleasure, and would love to travel to some of the world’s most incredible places just to glide through them on our bikes. Travelling by bike is like no other method, the pace you cycled at really means you get to take in your surroundings. I’ve created this list of some of the most awe inspiring and incredible routes you can take all around the world…

1. Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city of cyclists; the bike is their chosen method of travel over any other, and that means this city is one of the most accessible for cyclists, with its flat landscape and abundance of cycling routes. You don’t even have to lug your own bike to Amsterdam as the city is full of bike rental businesses. We highly recommend cycling around the quays and canals for a truly relaxing experience, and make sure you take in all the classic Dutch architecture.

2. The Inca Trail, Peru

There are many ‘Inca trails’ around Peru, some of them involve trekking up mountains and hills and eventually result in the stunning ancient city of Machu Picchu, obviously this isn’t the best route to take by bike! Regardless we recommend taking a mountain bike on this trip as the terrain can be rough, but Peru has some of the most epic landscapes you can imagine, and you can immerse yourself in the cultural towns, breathtakingly beautiful wildlife and Inca ruins along your route.

3. Pacific Highway, California

This route runs along the Pacific coast of California, so it’s a gloriously sunny route with miles of white, sandy beaches and ideal seas for surfing. The route hugs 123 miles of spectacular cliffs, and it’s spotted with beautiful coastal towns that are full of quaint cottages, cafes and eateries. Take this route at a leisurely pace and plan a few stops along the way so you can really experience everything it has to offer.

4. The Tasmanian Trail, Australia

You might have to travel a long way to get to Tasmania (well some of you anyway), but if you want to see what’s on the other side of the world this trail is a must. It’s favoured by mountain bikers, but you can again take this route at a slower pace and enjoy your surroundings; the road sweeps through some of Australia’s oldest towns that are steeped in history, and there’s also plenty of luxurious accommodation should you want to treat yourself. Experience every terrain, including forests, plateaus and farmland.

5. Paris, France

Isn’t Paris every girl’s dream? We highly recommend renting a vintage bike with a basket. Fill your basket with an indulgent and delicious selection of sweet treats, breads and deli goods, then go out and experience everything the city has to offer, from the Moulin rouge to the Eiffel tower, and then enjoy your lunch on the banks of the Seine.

6. Lake District, England

Whether you prefer country lanes, quaint little villages, market towns, or hilly rides the Lake District is perfect. Cyclists have always loved this English national park. Take a picnic and enjoy it in the stunningly beautiful British countryside, or take a break from your ride and treat yourself to afternoon tea. We recommend taking this trip in summer to avoid the rain though!

7. Udaipur City Tour, India

This Indian city is widely known as the Venice of the East, it’s a little rough around the edges, as some of the once epic palaces and buildings are starting to crumble, but it’s very romantic with its ancient forts and temples. Don’t forget to stop off at some of the city’s best tourist spots, such as the lake palace and city palace museum.

8. Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan

Riding around a lake is always a romantic and beautiful prospect, but this one is truly special; it’s so dream-like that many Chinese poets have documented the site, and it’s the largest lake in Taiwan, so you can experience a good 3 hour ride around its circumference. The whole trip is even more spectacular if you visit in spring when the cherry blossoms or blooming.

9. Route des Grand Crus, Burgundy, France

We don’t have to explain about all the incredible vineyards along this route, as the Burgundy region is famous around the world. If you fancy yourself as a connoisseur of fine things, you can also stop along the route to sample some of the finest wines and cheeses, and there are plenty of incredible medieval towns to explore too.

10. P’tit Train du Nord Linear Park, Quebec, Canada

Canada may be a little chilly, but it also has some of the world’s most stunning scenery. The roads along this route are fine and well maintained, making it quite an easy route. The path winds through European style villages and glorious snow-topped mountains, and we highly recommend you stop regularly for a toasty hot drink and a relaxing break in front of a roaring fire.

Aaron writes on behalf of Globalbike.co.uk.

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  1. The Tasmanian Trail is hard to follow and is nothing compared to the Mawson Trail which is a 900k + MTB trail from Adelaide to Blinman. I have done both. I think a cyclist is better off doing the conventional road tour around Tassie

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