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A female cyclist’s guide to setting New Year’s resolutions

Happy New Year bikeOf course, as a dedicated cyclist your New Year’s resolutions should all be about cycling, so here’s my suggestions when you’re setting yourself some goals for 2014:

Start small

Don’t attempt to go from riding zero kilometres per week to riding hundreds because it just won’t happen. Make it realistic and just increase your cycling incrementally. You’re only setting yourself up for failure if you aim too high too quickly.

Make them measurable

Don’t come up with a general statement like ”I’m going to ride my bike more than last year”, instead make it measurable like “I’m going to increase my number of ride days from two to three by 31 March and then by three to four by 30 June” or something similar.

Continue for 21 days

The researchers tell me that to create a habit you need to do it for 21 days so make sure you don’t quit too early.

Enrol in a skills course

If you think you are lacking in basic bike skills then research potential courses in your area and enrol in one. I’ve done a number of women’s only skills course and always found them beneficial. Plus you get the added benefit of meeting like-minded women who you can meet up with later as riding buddies.

Find a local riding group

The best incentive you can have for getting out of bed early in the morning is to meet up with some fellow riders. So in 2014 you should find a local riding group and invite yourself along. Don’t convince yourself that you’ll be too slow or not good enough. There will always be others just like you.

Buy yourself a new bike and some nice looking gear

If you don’t have a bike or you’re riding someone else’s hand-me-down then get yourself off to your local bike shop and buy yourself a bike that you’ll enjoy riding and you’ll be proud to call your own. And while you’re there, buy yourself some nice colour coordinated cycling apparel. It’s a bit like buying a new dress and some lovely matching shoes.

Reward yourself

One of the best things about being an obsessed cyclist is that you can eat yummy treats at the post ride café visit. I call it pre-burning calories so make sure you reward yourself when you conquer those resolutions.


Happy New Year everyone.