Specialized STR Expert Diverge
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Christmas Gift Guide for Female Gravel Cyclists

Every year I put together a Christmas Gift Guide for Female Road Cyclists, and it’s usually a random collection of things I’d like for Christmas, or sometimes things I already own. This year, I’ve decided to give it a theme, so this year’s guide is for women who like gravel riding. As always, it’s a bit aspirational and I often choose high-end bikes and gear, but most brands also have some cheaper options if you’re more budget-conscious.

Gravel bike

Specialized STR Expert Diverge

I’m an occasional gravel rider and have an early model Specialized Diverge, but if I was getting more serious about gravel riding, I’d go for something like this gorgeous steed. Meet the Specialized STR Expert Diverge which comes in the lovely traditional Christmas colour of ‘Satin Metallic Pine/Smoke’.

Gravel shoes

S-Works Gravel Shoes

Just about any mountain bike shoes are great for gravel riding but if you spend a few extra dollars, you can have these lovely lightweight S-Works Recon Mountain Bike Shoes. Although I’d avoid white shoes for gravel riding because they won’t stay that way!

Utility bib shorts

Velocio Utility Bib Knicks

For gravel riding you can choose between road or mountain bike cycling gear, or something in between like these Velocio Utility Bib Shorts. I have the road version of these bib shorts and they are excellent so I’m sure the utility version is also fab. Unlike road shorts, they have pockets at the rear and on the side.

Mountain bike jersey

Cycology Mountain Bike Jersey

Mountain bike or road bike jerseys will do the job when you’re gravel riding, but I rather like the idea of pairing a pocket-free, comfy mountain bike top with the utility bib shorts. This stunning jersey from Cycology will help you stand out from the crowd. I wear their road kit and absolutely love it and get lots of comments from other riders about the fabulous design.


Specialized Propero Helmet

In reality, you could wear your existing road or mountain bike helmet and it would do the job, but it’s nice to have a special helmet for gravel riding. I like Specialized helmets and have a similar one to this Propero III which fits well and does the job. Thankfully I’ve never put it through its paces thoroughly.

Gravel gloves

Velocio Gravel Gloves

Velocio makes great gloves and I’m sure these specialist gravel ones would do the job well. These Velocio gravel gloves apparently have the padding in just right the place for the rigours of gravel riding and have been tested many times.

Colourful socks

Every cycling outfit needs to be complemented by lairy socks and these Zeffr ones are my choice. I have a similar pair with coloured spots that I enjoy riding. Socks make a very affordable stocking stuffer or low-cost Christmas gift for the female cyclist in your life.

What would you add to my Christmas Gift Guide for Female Gravel Cyclists? Share your ideas via the comments or the Women Who Cycle Facebook page.