Christmas gift ideas for female cyclists

Women who love cycling also love getting presents from Santa that reflect their favourite past-time. Here’s a few ideas for the female road cyclist in your life.

S-Works women’s road shoes

Specialized has recently launched new S-Works road shoes for both men and women. I have the predecessors and they’re great. The new ones are lighter and look even better. The retail price is $450 and they are available only at Specialized dealers like Ashfield Cycles.


Weekend away at Beechworth

Women love weekends away that incorporate things like bike riding, eating and drinking and in April 2013 there is a new event being staged in Beechworth Victoria called the Gran Fondo. It’s a weekend of cycling where you can participate in an easy-going ‘gourmet’ ride or a more serious 173 km Gran Fondo ride. The dates are 19 to 21 April 2013.

Bicycle pendant

I’ve put this gorgeous gold pendant on my list for Christmas. You’ll find it on e-bay from a US store called accessoriesnjewelry. It’s about $250 depending on the exchange rate at the time.

Massage voucher

Get her a massage for a proper remedial massage, not a wimpy one at the local beautician. Remedial massages are those that really do something, they hurt at the time but make you feel great a couple of days later.

S-Works Aspire helmet

Specialized has a released a new helmet which has been designed specially for women who put their hair in a ponytail while riding. They call it a ‘hairport’ but it’s simply an adjustable ponytail-sized gap between the helmet and the helmet tightening thing (that’s the technical term) at the back. Available from Specialized dealers in red/white, white/silver and charcoal/purple for $100.

Book – Bicycling for Women by Gale Bernhardt

I got this book for my birthday and it’s really great. It contains helpful information about setting up your bike, training, nutrition, the menstrual cycle and other secret women’s stuff. A must read for every female cyclist.

Colour coordinated kit

Most women like to look good when they ride their bike and they like things to match. So have a good look at her bike and her other cycling gear and buy her a matching jersey and knicks (check if she likes bib or non-bib knicks). Some bike shops stock women’s cycle clothing like the Clarence Street Women’s store, Specialized dealers or have a look online.

Happy shopping and Merry Christmas.


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  1. Nic, thanks for the XMAS ideas. I have cut and paste website link — with everything pointing at the shoes…. to my family. Do you think they will get the hint?
    Diane (wanting new shoes)

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