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Greenedge women’s team announcement at last

It was great to see the Greenedge women’s team unveiled today. It will certainly help raise the profile of women’s cycling in Australia and help tell the world that we have many talented women cyclists in Australia.

The team announcement lists Cycling Australia (CA) and the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) as joint venture partners and in fact the team will be called Greenedge AIS. I can’t help but feel that it’s a bit strange that a government body is involved with a privately owned team. I also think it’s odd that a certain caravan company is so heavily intertwined with both CA and the AIS. I’d love to know the views of others on this one. Am I being overly critical?

I’d also like to join the bandwagon and congratulate Greenedge for receiving their UCI Protour licence. It’s a great step for Australian cycling and I’m sure I will enjoy watching the team make their debut at the Tour Down Under and also cheer them on at the Tour de France in 2012 (that’s of course after I cheer on Cadel and his BMC team). I did however enjoy Rupert Guinness’ article on which cautions us all about getting too excited about a team that has barely begun. Well done Rupert of some balanced journalism.