Product review: Netti comes of age

Me in the new Netti kit

A small side benefit of starting this blog (and letting a few people in the cycling industry know about it) is that I’ve so far received a few products to review so I want to disclose that up front. You might think that compels me to say great things about every product but luckily for me the Netti kit I was sent is really nice so it’s easy to say nice things without it being seen as biased.

The Netti brand has been around for many years and most cyclists associate it with high viz clothing for commuters, and in the past that’s probably fairly accurate but the brand has been reborn with a new range that I believe is divided into three levels – commuter, elite and performance. The kit I received fits in the elite range. They even have a new logo.

The knicks are bib knicks which if you read my previous blog you’ll know I’m a fan of, so that ticks the first box. They are comfortable and fit me well. I particularly like the bands that go around the leg because they are firm enough to stay in place but soft enough to not dig into my legs. Some of my other knicks that have elastic around the legs really dig in and can become quite uncomfortable after many hours of wearing. The part that goes up over the shoulders is also soft and comfortable. The chamois is good – very similar to most of my knicks.

The jersey is comfortable and a soft fabric. It has a full zip which is handy when you’re wearing it with bib knicks because it’s much easier to take your jersey off when you want to go to the toilet. It has the usual three pockets in the back as well as a small zip pocket in the middle which was great to store my car key when I was on a long ride yesterday where I drove to the start. The only thing that I don’t like is that the jersey is a little loose around my waistline but I suppose not all women are the same dimensions so it is made that way to accommodate a few different shapes.

The best part is that it looks good. A cyclist buddy of mine rode up behind me the other day and asked me where I bought it because she wanted the whole kit  –  it matches her bike perfectly!

I have seen this kit for sale at the Clarence Street Women’s store and just in case you want to hunt one down the details are:

  • Jersey –  ‘Netti Diva Danseuse Jersey White’
  • Knick – ‘Diva Team Bibnix Black/Aqua’