surviving COVID-19 lockdown
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Surviving COVID-19 lockdown with a 5 km radius to ride your bike

For those of you lucky enough to live in the northern hemisphere you’ll probably say this advice is much too late, but for quite a few Aussies and Kiwis, we need tips for surviving COVID-19 lockdown. I live in Sydney and we’re up to about eight weeks of lockdown and it has gradually become more strict over time. Currently, in my home town, we’re allowed to exercise outside within a 5 km radius of our homes, so I thought I’d share how I’m coping with the restrictions.

Keep riding

surviving COVID-19 lockdown

My first piece of advice is – keeping riding. Don’t let the restrictions stop you from getting out (or in) and riding your bike. Keep within whatever rules apply to your area but don’t decide it’s all too hard and rack your bike. I’ve been riding throughout last year’s and this year’s lockdowns and it’s been so important for my physical and mental health. It’s been my social life, as well as my exercise session.

Find some buddies

Depending on your restrictions find the appropriate number of like-minded friends and plan some rides before you head out the door. Choose friends that live relatively close to you so that you have enough of your 5 km radius area in common and go for it. I’ve been using a website called 2km from home. You can adjust it to your location and the radius you need. You can also drop additional pins to be able to overlay your friend’s area over your own.

Stop at the local café

At the end of most rides, I still make a brief stop at my local café and buy a beverage. Make sure you follow any local rules like wearing a mask while you’re in the queue but keep supporting your local café, otherwise they might not be there when this is all over.

Ride indoors too

While I’m not a huge fan of riding on an indoor trainer, I do have one and use it occasionally. It can be a great alternative or supplement to your usual outdoor riding. It will also ensure that you maintain your fitness level.

Take up a new hobby

With restrictions in place, it is quite likely that your rides will be shorter so you’ll have some extra time on your hands. Use your extra time to try something that you’ve always wanted to do. I’ve been doing a lot more cooking than usual and really enjoying trying new recipes. I’ve also enrolled in a University course on Family History. You could even find a cycling-related hobby like starting a cycling blog!!

Share the riding-related ways you are surviving COVID-19 lockdown via comments or the Women Who Cycle Facebook page.


  1. Yes you seem to have got it figured!
    Keep riding and TALKING to people when you’re out.
    Spread the love!

  2. I decided to ride every street of my smallish suburb. It turned out to be 23km and 414metres of quite intense climbing. Going for a double tomorrow.

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