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Thumbs up for new Velocio women’s cycling apparel

Velocio paint jerseyWhen I first started riding about five and a half years ago I understood the need for lycra clothing, but I set out to buy the cheapest I could find, and at the time I thought this was okay. The result was that I look pretty ordinary and worse still my new lycra clothing didn’t fit properly, plus it certainly didn’t last the regular washing it required.

I soon learned that I needed to spend a bit more and be more discerning about the lycra clothing I chose to wear.

Fast forward to now and I’m very conscious about how I look in my riding kit, how it fits and how it washes.

So it’s been a pleasure to try out some of the items from the new Velocio range of women’s cycling kit. I purchased (albeit at a discount because I’m writing this review) the ‘Paint’ short sleeve jersey, signature bib knicks and light long sleeve jersey.

The range is the brainchild of Australian Kristy Scrymgeour who among other things is the owner/manager of women’s pro cycling team Specialized-lululemon. Kristy told me about her new venture when we met up in January when she was home in Sydney for her summer break.

When I received the parcel in the post from the US a couple of weeks ago I opened it to find three garments that I thought looked a bit small for me. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they actually fit me really well. All three items are size medium which is the size I generally wear in most cycling kit. I used the dimensions published on the Velocio website and they were obviously right.

The whole range is manufactured in Italy and the fabrics are soft and light.

Short sleeve ‘Paint’ jersey

The colour of this jersey is described as ‘orchid print’. It’s a purple colour with stripes of lighter purple in a paint sort of effect which I assume is why it’s got the name ‘paint. The side panels are a lighter mesh type fabric and the sleeves are plain purple. I haven’t seen many purple jerseys around so it’s nice to wear something a bit different from the rest of the crowd.

On the rear are three regular pockets and a waterproof zipper pocket which is handy for valuables. A nice addition is the reflector strips on the centre pocket and the logos.

I wasn’t sure when I first put it on about the neckline which is very fitted and a bit lower that most of my other jerseys. However, it feels very nice to wear and I think it looks pretty good too. I got a few compliments about the colour when I wore it.

The best part is the fit of the jersey. I have lots of cycling jerseys that don’t fit me properly because they aren’t made for a women’s shape. The ‘Paint’ jersey fits me like a glove.

Signature Bib Short

Velocio bib shortsI’m a big fan of bib shorts so I’ve got plenty of them to compare with the new Velocio signature bib shorts. Against all of those the Velocios stack up well.

I was a bit dubious about the front section which is a mesh part that covers the stomach and chest area but it seems to work, and once you’ve put your jersey over the top you are completely unaware of it.

I’ll let you read the features for yourself but I will sum it up by describing these shorts as almost feeling like you haven’t got them on. They fit so nicely that you feel a bit ‘naked’. Sounds a bit funny I know but I can’t think of another way to describe it.

My only criticism is that they are just a little shorter in the leg than I would like and I’m fairly short so on a tall woman they would be even shorter.

That aside, I was very impressed with the feel of them and I’ve only washed them twice so can’t tell you how they will wear long term.

Light Long Sleeve Jersey

Velocio long sleeve jerseyThis jersey is a vibrant red colour which just happens to be my favourite hue.

I’ve never worn a long sleeve jersey before so I was a little dubious about its addition to my cycling wardrobe. I’m a big fan of arms warmers with short sleeve jerseys but was pleasantly surprised when I wore the long sleeve last week.

The morning I wore it the temperature range was around 12 to 14 degrees Celsius and the long sleeve jersey was just right from a warmth perspective. I did have a undershirt on as well, but I always wear one, so it provided a fair comparison to my usual kit.

Like the short sleeve jersey it has three regular pockets and one waterproof pocket on the rear, as well as the reflective pieces.

The fabric is light and very soft on the skin so felt really nice to wear and my riding companions complimented me on the new jersey.


Overall based on the three items I’ve tried I would recommend Velocio as a great women’s cycling apparel brand. Well done Kristy and team.


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  1. I recently bought a pair of the 3/4 tights. Not sure what I think as yet. The lycra is great – top notch. The chamois is also a treat and I like all the little reflective details.

    But I must admit to being slightly disappointed in the finishing. They weren’t cheap so I was expecting flat-lock stitching like Rapha do on their shorts. I sighed when I got them out of the bag and discovered they’d gone with the bog standard stitching. I find it to be a real issue where the chamois is stitched in. Maybe it’s just me and my annoyingly sensitive skin but it’s irritating and scratchy.

    Not sure if I’ll buy again. The jerseys do look nice though.

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