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Two years and still going strong

2nd birthdayIt seems like only yesterday I was writing a blog post about Women Who Cycle reaching its first anniversary and here I am telling you about the second year milestone.

What an amazing two years they have been in my life. My fervent hope is that I’ve inspired many women (and maybe a few men too) to take up cycling or to take their riding to the next level.

Writing this blog has given me the opportunity to focus on women’s cycling and led me to uncover some wonderful stories like the incredible journey undertaken by Dani & Kacie in the 3,000 mile Race Across America; to meet wonderful female cyclists like Annette Edmondson, Joanne Hogan and Kimberley Wells – all achieving great results overseas; to touch base with women working behind the scenes like Kristy Scrymgeour of Specialized-lululemon and Gaelene Snelling at St Kilda Cycling Club; and many more.

I couldn’t possibly list them all here but I’ve really been so inspired by so many wonderful women including dozens of women just like me.

As for the actual blog itself, I’ve often read statistics that say how many blogs are started every day and how many exist at any one time. No one ever publishes the stats on how many actually run for more than a couple of posts and then disappear. I’m pretty proud of my 116 posts over two years. And I’m certainly not about to slow down. Blogging for me is a labour of love but it also requires discipline. There’s been many times when I’ve come home from work on a Monday evening and just wanted to veg on the couch but I’ve headed for the PC instead.

Another consequence of writing this blog is that I realised somewhere along the way that I wanted to work in the cycling industry, not just observe it, and that dream was realised just last month when I joined the staff of one of my local bike shops, Ashfield Cycles and now work there full-time as Store Manager. And I love it.

Thank you to the many people who regularly read this blog and for the great feedback you provide. Keep it coming.



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