Happy 6th birthday to Women Who Cycle

Women Who Cycle
Women Who Cycle
Me celebrating my actual 6th birthday

I do confess that I love birthdays, so I’m very happy to be celebrating the sixth birthday of my blog Women Who Cycle. When I started this adventure, I had no notion that it would run for six years and beyond. And who knows how many years it will continue.

It has been a six year labour of love, and a fantastic journey for me. I’ve met heaps of great people, some face-to-face but many via the phone or email. So many people have been so generous with their time and expertise.

I’ve even formed friendships with people I’ve met through blogging, like the wonderful Tina McCarthy who runs her own cycle coaching business Wheel Women in Melbourne.

I feel privileged to have encouraged, helped and supported so many women over the past six years and I have no intention and giving it away. I pledge to continue to improve this blog in order to encourage more women to ride bikes.

Blogging is an amazing pastime. It allows regular people like me to tap into communities and share my knowledge and passion. This wouldn’t have been possible before the advent of Internet.

Thank you to all those who have read my posts regularly and particularly to those who have commented many times. It is so wonderful to receive feedback and contributions from others.

Happy birthday Women Who Cycle, long may you exist.


  1. Congratulations Nicola on all you’ve achieved over the past six years. Your passion and dedication has made a real impact in the lives of many women during this time. Keep up the great work of keeping women moving!
    We look forward to seeing photos of your 10th, 16th, 21st birthdays in years to come.

  2. Happy birthday Women Who Cycle, and Congratulations Nicola!! I’ve been an irregular visitor, but ai love your blog. You encourage me in so many ways. While i love cycling, i am easily distracted by other things. Over the years, you’ve encouraged me to join with others in cycling, to create a routine, to just get up and go on those cold mornings, to try new events, to think about my seat, my brakes, and to learn about maintenence…. and much more. I hope you keep going, and keep enjoying doing it.

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