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Will there be a seven year itch for women’s cycling blog Women Who Cycle?

women’s cycling blogNever in my wildest imagination did I ever expect to write a women’s cycling blog for seven years, week on week. I started Women Who Cycle in August 2011 because I was so keen to share my love of road cycling with other women, and my enthusiasm for the subject has not waned. I’ve racked up a total of more than 360 posts over those seven years with weekly entries on loads of great topics.

And contrary to the illustration, my head has not grown bigger. In fact I still feel incredibly grounded. Cycling has given me much greater confidence in my ability to do so many things, but it hasn’t given me an inflated opinion of myself.

Writing a women’s cycling blog has also brought many wonderful people into my life. Without my blog as an excuse I wouldn’t have contacted so many professional cyclists, as well as women involved in cycling all around the world. I never cease to be amazed by what other women are capable of, and how the humble bike acts as an enabler for so much.

So you’ve probably realised by now that there will be no seven year itch for Women Who Cycle. I’m a stayer and plan to keep writing this blog for as long as people all around the world keep reading it. Speaking of which, if I look at my site analytics, over the past year there’s been 32,000 users visit womenwhocycle.com, nearly half of them are from my own country, but there was over 7,000 from the US, 5,500 from the UK, nearly 1,000 from Canada and a similar number from New Zealand. It is very satisfying to speak to women throughout the English speaking world. I feel humbled and privileged by it.

So what’s next for Women Who Cycle? I plan to keep posting weekly for as long as women keep reading. And every so often I’ll reinvigorate it, but bear in mind that it’s totally self-funded and I do have a full-time job on the side.

So while I celebrate my milestone of seven years of my women’s cycling blog I’d love to hear more from you about what you’d like to see more of. Feel free to utilise the Comments or the Women Who Cycle Facebook page, which incidentally has 2.489 fans.