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Great women’s cycling resources and websites

women's cycling resources and websitesI’m away on holidays this week in the mega cycling town of Bright in Victoria, so I’ll keep it short and sweet, and share some of my favourite women’s cycling resources and websites with you. And next week I’ll share some of what I learn about Bright.

These are in no particular order:

The UCI has a women’s section of its website which is focused mainly on the women’s pro peloton.

UK based Total Women’s Cycling offers the best alround women’s cycling coverage with stories about pro racing, big events, product reviews and stuff that every day riders want to know about.

Cycling Tips launched its women’s site a couple of years ago with much fanfare but in my opinion they’ve not quite lived up to expectations. It is fairly racing focused but I recommend you take a look and make up your own mind.

If you’re keen on the women’s pro cycling scene then head to Pro Women’s Cycling. This website is focused on the women’s pro peloton so if that’s your thing, it’s a great resource.

A couple of the big US-based bike websites have a women’s section including Bike Radar  and Bicycling.

If you want to read some inspiring stories about other female cyclists then head to Josie’s bike life from the US. It if focused on mountain biking but I’m sure you’ll find it interesting. She interviewed me a couple of months ago, and the result will be published shortly

For bike travel tips and great trips you should head over to Follow My Wheel which is a relatively new blog from fellow Sydneysider Laura Rigby.

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