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Gong ride 2011 for blogMy name is Nicola and I live in Sydney, Australia. I started cycling in September 2008 simply to take part in a charity bike riding event and my interest and participation in the activity/sport has grown exponentially ever since.

In short – I love cycling. It has changed my life. Some might see it as bordering on obsession but the way I look at it, there are far worse things to be obsessed with or addicted to.

I’ve certainly never been the sporty type. In fact I’ve always believed I was so hopeless at any kind of sport it would be better for everyone if I just didn’t participate. At school my extra-curricular activity was playing the flute in the school orchestra. I avoided sport and got away with it quite successfully. No one is more surprised than me that I’m now hooked on the sport of cycling.

It all started when my partner Phillip suggested I participate in the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) 80 km Ride for a Cure in January 2009 in the Barossa Valley. To me it sounded like the most extraordinary thing I could contemplate but somehow he persuaded me and we headed for the bike shop where I bought my first road bike – a Jamis road bike from one of my favourite retailers Anaconda.

I soon hit the road (literally as well as figuratively) complete with clip-in shoes and shiny new lycra outfits. I found this fabulous social riding group called BayBUG (Canada Bay Bicycle User Group) that rides on Saturday mornings around the local area and was hooked as soon as we met. As a result of joining this group (which is no longer officially BayBUG) I’ve gained heaps of new friends most of who live in the local area.

Sometime later I joined the local club LACC (Lidcombe Auburn Cycle Club) and I’ve even tried racing. Extraordinary for a woman who thought she was ‘hopeless’ at sport.

So now I ride most Saturday and Sunday mornings around the area, plus a couple of short mid-week early morning rides. Usually about 140 km per week. As a result I’ve never felt fitter which is pretty amazing for a 40-something year old. Better late than never.

I’ve also participated in lots of community and charity rides which are an excellent goal for training. These included Around the Bay in Melbourne, the Gong ride, the Tour Down Under community ride and plenty more. I call myself the tortoise. I’m never the fastest rider even in my own age/gender category but I always finish what I set out to achieve at my own pace and within my own ability. That’s not to say I don’t push myself.

I also upgraded my bike a couple of times and now ride a Specialized Amira road bike and enjoy riding even more.

My obsession has also extended to my working life. In 2013 I joined the staff of Ashfield Cycles as store manager and have never been happier.



  • You’re the business Nic

  • Great to see such passion! I’m also in my forties (44), been riding since the 80’s and still absolutely love it. So much so, that I pursued a career in the industry. Good luck with your blog. As a fellow ‘Nic’ I will be following it with interest.
    Nicole Lancaster – Bicycling Australia magazine

  • That’s amazing! I’ve been so impressed with all fit cyclists in their 40’s, 50’s & 60’s whom I ride with on the weekends – you must’ve heard about BikeNorth – that’s them. I’ve also always thought I’m hopeless at sport – that’s totally changed in the last 4months when I got into riding – hooray, it doesn’t involve using much upper body strength or the fear of drowning or catching/hitting/kicking a ball!

    • I love your enthusiasm Amy. I have heard of BikeNorth. I think some of their rides head my way to Homebush/Concord. Good luck with your riding. Not that you’ll need it.

  • Great story and blog Nic… I noticed your blog in this months Australian Cyclist so I’m going through and having a read. It’s great to see a blog specifically for us girl riders!! I’ve been riding all my life but finally got my first road bike 3 years ago. Last month I splashed out on a Trek Madone 6 with Sram Red of which I’m totally in love with – although it was near impossible finding any reviews on all the bits I bought for it from a woman’s POV. Keep up the good work with this blog:-)

  • I just did the JDRF ride on the weekend for the first time and being little (156cm) I was researching bikes for little people and came across your blog…. you have provided me with the inspiration to keep going on my cycle journey and I love that your beginning was the same as mine!
    Not too sure if you were there on the weekend but if so hope that you had a great ride!

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