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Not all women cyclists like pink gear!!!

One thing that struck me about female cyclists – I’m talking about the everyday variety rather than the pros here – when I first started riding was the number of women who deck themselves out in the colour pink. 

I’m not sure if it’s because they want to be seen as feminine, want some special treatment on the road or that they genuinely like the colour. Maybe a bit of all three. Either way everyone is entitled to wear whatever colour they like. I’d just like to voice my opinion to the cycling industry about what I like. 

Before I go any further on this topic I better let you know that I dislike the colour pink or at least the pale and bubble gum shades of it. I hate the stereotype of women wearing the colour pink. You could call me a hypocrite because I actually have a couple of hot pink colour items in my wardrobe but I can guarantee you, you won’t find any pink in my cycle clothing draw. 

Take a look at the women’s cycle wear website which offers a great range of women’s cycle wear but the website is essentially pink. I do concede that they offer a few alternatives like green, orange and blue, but if you don’t like pink like me you’re unlikely to get past the home page. 

It also extends beyond the clothing women wear when cycling, to the most sacred areas like the bikes themselves. When I was buying a new bike I took two leading brands off my shortlist because they were pink or at least had enough pink on them to cause offence to me. I’ve also seen a lot of women ‘pinkify’ their bikes by adding pink handlebar tape, pink saddles, pink stripe tyres and other accessories. 

I was heartened to read a great article by Nicole Lancaster in the current issue of Bicycling Australia magazine about the new Specialized Amira 2012 bikes and she quotes Specialized saying that the company will always offer an alternative to pink, if pink is a colour they include. They recognise that not all women want pink things. Yeah. 

If you disagree with my little rant then that’s fine too. You might enjoy a visit to which is a catalogue of pink bikes. Very ugly in my view but I’m sure it’s got appeal to some people. 

The final word on the subject goes to film-maker Liam Murphy who made this fantastic video for Skyline Cycles in the UK. “It’s called ‘Free’ because it’s all about setting female riders free from the pinks, purples and flowery graphics pushed on them by many bike companies”. Love it.

Let me know what you think. I’d love to hear a counterview on the subject.


  1. Couldn’t agree with you more Nic! Pink is a nice colour & each to their own, but it won’t be seen in my cycle wardrobe or bike. Hence why I ride a Scott Speedster in blue & white.

  2. Since the male road cyclist wears lycra and shaves his legs….maybe it’s an easy way to pick the men from the women 🙂

  3. Just got a link to this site via FB – nice to checkin. My big beef is manufacturers offering women’s specific bikes (esp MTB) with componentry that they say is on the blokes version – but is usually the lowest end available, as if it is a selling point. What do manufacturers think we are stupid or something?

  4. I Couldn’t agree with you more. I purchased a black bike because I wanted to get away from the girly girl look!

  5. hi guys… well I love pink but for different reasons having recently done the Ride To Conquer Cancer and about to do Pinktober in Toowoomba in October, I have done the pink theme for breast cancer awareness, having lost one best friend to breast cancer and another fighting it at the moment. i have a white specialized dolce bike that I have added pink tape and bottles… I wouldn’t go an all pink bike but touches are good.. anyway thats my reason, I am 56 started riding a couple of years ago to keep weight off after losing over 30kg.. now totally addicted to riding have made some great friends and do enjoy just getting out on the road. I do agree there should be choices in colours for bikes for us girls… each to their own.

    1. Elizabeth. That’s a lovely reason to adorn yourself with pink. I would even be in that one. Such a great cause. I’m actually competing in the Pink Triathlon shortly which raises money for breast cancer research. I won’t be turning my bike pink for the occasion but I’ll certainly be supporting the cause. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I Nicola I have done the Pink Tri you will have a great time.. such a great event so well run and a good cause… Enjoy yourself…

  7. Nicola, I couldn’t agree with you more, on all counts. I’m not a pink person either; refuse to buy bikes that are pink; but to each her own, and especially when it comes to supporting causes. That said, I now own a pink exercise shirt that I wear for some short rides (no pockets), and I really enjoy streaking past the boys when I’m wearing it… 🙂 PS. Love the video!!

  8. I’m a bit of a ‘tom’ boy and usually I don’t feel the need to pour pink all over myself but for some reason I feel compelled to wear pink when cycling. I think the reason I do wear pink when cycling might be that I enjoy the satisfaction of passing a male cyclist on an ascent knowing that there can be no mistake that he was just passed by a woman!

    Now having thought about it, wearing pink whilst riding is a good advertisement to encourage more women to take up the sport of freedom (cycling)!

    1. LOL Merida,
      >I enjoy the satisfaction of passing a male cyclist on an ascent knowing that there can be no mistake that he was just passed by a woman!<
      that's a fair statement!
      I'm into a bit of androgyny but there's no way I'll be seen in pink anywhere, but good on you!

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