easy gears on your bike

You need easy gears on your bike to climb hills

One thing that really bugs me about road cycling is there is often an emphasis on being tough, like riding with hard rather than easy gears on your bike, and being eager to ride up long or steep climbs. I’d like to put it on record that I choose to ride with easy gears on my road bike and I choose to avoid very long and very steep climbs. I do accept that as a Sydney-dwelling road cyclist I need to ride up hills but I don’t seek them out. I ride them because I have no choice. It also

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Why riding your bike will make you happy

Why riding your bike will make you happy

When I started riding some 12 years ago I could never have answered the question – Why riding your bike will make you happy. But I now know unequivocally why riding my bike makes me so happy. Here are my top five reasons: Riding is fun The simple act of propelling a bike along, and experiencing the wind rushing by, is fun. It’s strange that a bicycle cannot stand up on its own, but it stays upright when you ride it. I find it fun to achieve that balance. It gives me a sense of freedom that I really don’t

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Do I need a bike fit?

Women’s guide to cycling: Do I need a bike fit?

A question that arises often amongst road cyclists is – Do I need a bike fit? And like many questions, there isn’t one simple answer. In short, a bike fit is to make you sit more comfortably on your bike and to help you ride more efficiently. From my experience bike fits are most beneficial to cyclists who are stepping to a serious competitive level, those who have a problem with discomfort caused by a myriad of things, and those who are returning from an injury. Like most riders, I didn’t have a bike fit when I started riding a

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best women’s bike saddle

How do you find the best women’s bike saddle for a road bike?

Let me share my own experience first. I started riding almost 12 years ago to complete a charity ride and was hooked almost instantly. I recall when I rode that charity ride which was an 80 km ride on undulating and hilly terrain in the Barossa Valley that I got quite uncomfortable on my bike saddle and it wasn’t my bottom that hurt, it was the far more delicate soft tissue area that really felt sore. I remember laughing when a non-riding friend asked me if I had a saw bum after all that riding. By far the most commonly

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what to look for when you buy a road bike

A woman’s guide: What to look for when you buy a road bike

I’m a member of some great women-only cycling social media groups and one of the questions that comes up time and time again is – what to look for when you buy a road bike. So often the advice that is given by other female riders is based on their own experience which is fine but it is such an individual thing that you need to forge your own path. The frame is the most important part Before I worked in the bike industry, I was of the view that if you wanted to buy a road bike then your

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tips for new female road cyclists

Tips for new female road cyclists – take my challenge and give it a go

One of the upsides of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the increase in the number of people – women, men, and children taking up or returning to cycling but many need a bit of advice so here are my tips for new female road cyclists. If you’re a woman and you’ve been enjoying riding your kids or partner during this pandemic then I guarantee that you’ll like it even better if you ditch the kids and partner, take up road cycling and find some female (or male) companions. Many of my road riding pals are actually men but they have

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pay it forward

Pay it forward and cycling during COVID-19

I first wrote about the wonderful concept of ‘paying it forward’ last year when I thought about how pay it forward and cycling go nicely together. The idea of paying it forward is a concept that’s been around forever but was popularised by the movie Pay It Forward, which had a lasting impact on me. In the movie and the book on which it is based, the idea is described as an obligation to do three good deeds for others in response to a good deed that one receives. The good deeds should accomplish things that the other person can’t accomplish

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Last minute Christmas gift ideas for female road cyclists

Women Who Cycle’s 2019 Last minute Christmas gift ideas for female road cyclists

I find that men are particularly prone to last-minute Christmas shopping so if you’re still looking, here are my last-minute Christmas gift ideas for female road cyclists. I guarantee she’ll like any of these much better than diamond earrings. I’m actually only joking about that. Buy her the earrings and something from this list. Voucher from her favourite bike shop If you buy her a voucher from her favourite local bike shop she’ll be able to select something she really wants like a new bike (or at least the deposit), new shoes, helmet or this summer’s most fashionable kit. You’ll

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Christmas gift ideas for female road cyclists

Women Who Cycle’s 2019 Christmas Gift ideas for female road cyclists

I always have a bit of fun compiling my annual Christmas gift ideas for female road cyclists. Here’s my list for 2019. I’ll also run a last minute Christmas gift idea closer to Christmas for all those peeps who shop at the last minute like my beloved partner. Specialized Tarmac Disc Comp I always include a bike in my Christmas shopping list and this year I’ve chosen the Specialized Tarmac Disc Comp. Last year someone told me that my choice of a $12K bike was ridiculous so I’ve paired it back this year with this $4,500 model. This a really

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buying an e-bike

how to return to riding your road bike after buying an e-bike

A friend of mine suggested that I write a blog post about how to return to riding your road bike after buying an e-bike. She recently bought herself an e-bike to commute to and from work, and due to a holiday and other life obstacles had a break from riding her road bike. She found it difficult to return to the human-powered riding mainly because of the physical exertion that was required. She actually answered her own question while we were discussing this quandary, but I thought it was worth exploring the topic. For her, the answer was to think

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