things I hope we will do after COVID-19
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10 things I hope we will do after COVID-19 leaves us

This week I’m deviating a bit from my usual women’s cycling topics and sharing my list of things I hope we will do after COVID-19. Some of it can actually be applied to my favourite topic but sometimes you’ve just gotta write what works for you. Today this is what works for me, so please indulge me.

things I hope we will do after COVID-19
Me and my mate Tony practising social distancing before this all went haywire

It’s taken me a couple of weeks to ‘process’ what is going on in our world and to find some level of acceptance. One of the things that has really helped me deal with it is seeing the great things that are happening around me. So here are 10 things I hope we will do after COVID-19.

Get active

Since we all told to stay home, there’s been a huge number of people walking, running and riding outside in small family & household groups. I regularly ride and run in my neighbourhood and there’s definitely been an increase in the last few weeks. I sincerely hope that all those ‘newbies’ keep up their level of activity, particularly the cyclists.

Walk the dog

Alongside the extra people, there are also lots of people walking their dogs. This is of huge benefit to the dogs, but also to their human companions. I hope that the dogs still get the same treatment on the other side of this time.

Stay social via technology

Cyclists around the globe are using technology to stay social while riding their indoor trainers, using technology. This has been trending upwards for a number of years but there’s definitely been a big increase since this started. Lots of pro cyclists are getting on board and riding with their fans – a great way to keep in touch. Outside of cycling, I’ve been staying social by calling, video calling, emailing and social posting in order to keep in touch with people. I hope we continue to use technology for social interaction even more in the future.

Helping others

One of the most lovely things I’ve seen on social media is people helping others. Lots of people who are fit and healthy are volunteering to help their neighbours with shopping and other chores, but also just generally checking in on each other. Let’s definitely continue this type of behaviour when we return to our normal lives.

Flexible work

I already worked from home before this all started but there are lots of colleagues and friends who are now joining me. It’s proving to many employers that it can really work for their businesses. I’m sure a lot of the people working from home will return to their offices but there’s an opportunity to have a more flexible view in the future. And you can all go and ride your bikes during the extra time you’ll gain from skipping the commute.

Gratitude for health care workers

I know I have a huge amount of gratitude for health care workers and our health care system as well. This COVID-19 pandemic has focused our attention on those frontline health professionals and I hope we continue to show our gratitude after this is all over.

Appreciation for teachers & childcare workers

I’ve read lots of stories about wonderful teachers who are working hard to adapt to online learning and supporting their students. Childcare workers are also frontline workers in this situation. I hope we all continue to appreciate them.

Understanding of tough jobs

There are also lots of other people doing tough jobs during this pandemic that go unnoticed by most of us like cleaners, transport operators, supermarket and food retail workers, garbage collectors, bus and train drivers & guards, and plenty more. May we all be more understanding of the role they play to keep our great country operating both now and in the future.

Courtesy for others

I’ve also noticed that people are being more courteous and friendly as a general rule. I’ve barely left my house for two weeks but I’ve had to go to the supermarket, and I’ve been running in my local neighbourhood. Most people are trying hard to be courteous and maintaining a physical distance between themselves. I hope this one sticks in the future.

Taking things for granted

And last but not least, I hope I will not take things for granted in the future like being able to ride in a bunch with my friends. My cycling mates are some of my closest friends and I really miss them right now. I plan to never take them for granted again. I suspect I will take a lot of things for granted when I get them back but I’ll try hard to be appreciative and to never forget the lessons I’ve learned by the COVID-19 pandemic.

That’s my list of things I hope we will do after COVID-19. What are yours? Share via comments or the Women Who Cycle Facebook page.


  1. I wish some cyclists stuck to the 2 meter rule because some haven’t a clue and pass too closely

  2. Nice lists. Surely this pandemic will leave us to a more positive and also a more sustainable living, and bicycles won’t be denied.

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