Cycling equals freedom
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Cycling gives me a complete sense of freedom – Cycling equals freedom

Cycling equals freedom
Cycling makes me smile

On World Bicycle Day which was yesterday, I began pondering what it is that I love so much about cycling, and it came down to one thing – cycling equals freedom. Freedom to propel my bike and me down the road under my own power, freedom to express myself, and freedom to forge my own path.

My love of cycling goes well beyond the word freedom. It’s my exercise routine, my anti-ageing strategy, my social life, the way I challenge myself, it’s my escape. It’s also part of the way that I make a living, not by writing this blog but by scribing other paid content.

During the miserable lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, cycling allowed me to leave home and see my friends without breaking the law, so in that sense, it was my freedom.

This video from my favourite bike brand Specialized is a few years old now, but it sums up really nicely how I feel about cycling, and how it makes me feel. So instead of me prattling on, enjoy the video.

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