Don’t stop riding because of COVID-19 – ride your bike

Don’t stop riding because of COVID-19
Don’t stop riding because of COVID-19
Tiffany and her beau

I’m not here to repeat the advice of our authorities on COVID-19, on what the rules of road cycling should be during this crisis, but I am here to encourage all riders to keep riding their bikes during this time – Don’t stop riding because of COVID-19. We need to keep riding for our mental and physical health.

I’d rather tell you how I feel about this situation rather than prescribe the rules. If you want some great advice and commentary I recommend you visit the Bicycling Australia website, and while you’re there, make sure you complete the survey.

For some of you who are in isolation, riding might mean you have to resort to an indoor trainer, but if like me you have the option of riding outside you should keep it up.

The current situation in my city of Sydney is to practice this new concept of social distancing, and while I’m happy to be sensible I’m not giving up group rides just yet at a sensible distance. Of course, if the situation escalates and we need to be more distant then I’ll still ride, but it might have to be on my own.

I believe that if we all head indoors and stay there for some months we’ll be in a terrible mental and physical health predicament. Good physical health boosts your immune system, and mental health plays a huge role as well. And we will all need strong immune systems if we catch this insidious virus and cycling gives you an opportunity to be in the best shape possible.

Along with many other people, I’m feeling a little anxious about this crisis because there are many uncertainties. The sort of things that make me anxious are: If I catch this virus, could I give it to others including my octogenarian parents? What if the company I work for has a huge downturn and make my job redundant? But I’m not letting those concerns rule me. I’m staying positive, I’m not panic buying groceries, and I’m not hiding behind my front door.

Tiffany Cromwell who many of you will know as an Aussie pro cyclist is also not hiding away. She’s still riding, albeit close to her home in Europe. One of her recent posts was tagged – “Making the most of extra time together and the freedom of being in the great outdoors whilst we still can.” But I was alarmed to read this comment on one of her posts….“Can you please open your eyes for the situation in the world!! You and Valtteri show all your fans how happy life is while it is horror for sooooo many people. Please show some respect.” The person who commented is knocking her for smiling and enjoying herself and showing off her new beau who happens to be F1 driver Valtteri Bottas. In fact, the image was an old one that Tiffany was reusing but it didn’t stop this person from being so judgy.

So my message is simple…Don’t stop riding your bike because of COVID-19. Find a way that works for you, whether it be indoors, all alone, or with your mates at the appropriate distance.

What’s your advice to ensure that people don’t stop riding because of COVID-19? Share via comments or the Women Who Cycle Facebook page.

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  1. Nicola, great post. I agree with you on all counts. Not only is cycling great for your immune system, but also being outdoors and connecting with our natural environment has a therapeutic effect on our total well-being…many studies on this now. The only thing worse than the COVID-19 pandemic is the negative attitudes of people like the one who made the scathing remark to Tiffany. My advice…turn away from comments like those, they are counterproductive. Connect with people like Nicola, Tiffany, and others…there are plenty of us. Tiffany, I’ll look for your post and share it. Nicola, stay healthy over there on the other side of the world. Sending virtual hugs! -Jen

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