there’s far more to pedal technique on a road bike than you’d think

When I first took up road cycling a bit over 10 years ago I thought that there wasn’t a great deal to learn about pedal technique on a road bike, but I was wrong. There are plenty of skills to learn and central amongst them is the art of pedalling. I’m no authority on this subject so I’ve borrowed some expert words that appear below. The key principle behind the technique is to pedal in nice smooth circles. Sounds easy, but there’s a little more to it. This article was originally published on the now defunct women’s cycling website Women’s

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rookie mistakes female road cyclists make

Six rookie mistakes female road cyclists make

This list of rookie mistakes female road cyclists make, is simply a list of six things I did when I first started riding a road bike almost ten years ago. I share it with you in the hope that other newbie riders might skip them. And I’m sure there are many more, but these are the six that spring to my mind: Grinding the gears This seems to be a common mistake that most road riders make, and I was certainly guilty of it. It seems that when we start out, we expect it to be hard to turn over

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Yoga and cycling – a perfect match

A few months ago I was lucky enough to attend a workshop run by Angelo from Pedal Stroke Yoga, a variation of hatha yoga developed by Angelo to utilise the benefits of yoga especially for cyclists. I used to attend yoga classes on a regular basis so I know the benefits that yoga can bring. Unfortunately I’ve not managed to fit regular yoga into my schedule of late but I’m eager to change that in the near future. Despite my own lack of attendance at yoga classes I’m a true believer in the benefits it can bring to your life

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Be brave girls – ride with clip-in pedals

A lot of women tell me that they are nervous about riding with clip-in pedals because they fear falling off and injury themselves or worse still embarrassing themselves. I’m really lucky that my partner coerced me into riding my road bike with clip-ins from day one and I never looked back. My suggestion is that you view the step-up from a flat platform pedal to a clip-in system as an important one, an indication of growing confidence in your bike-handling ability. So to make it a bit easier here’s some background information about clip-in pedals and the different types and

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Road bike tips for women – how to climb hills

When I first started riding about four and a half years ago I just avoided hills as much as I could. Then one day it struck me that hills are just one part of cycling that should actually be embraced. After all, usually when you climb up a hill you get to whizz down the other side!!! And these days I often ride up a small rise that I once considered to be a hill, so there’s definitely been progress. I also thought that when I started riding a road bike there was no particular technique to riding up hills,

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How to improve your pedal stroke

I was riding recently with coach Donna riding behind and she gave me a tip about my pedal stroke. She suggested that I concentrate on one leg at a time and focus on pedalling in circles to make my pedal stroke smoother. So since then I’ve been practicing and have also done a bit of research on pedal stroke. I came across an article on one of my favourite women’s cycling websites – and asked permission to share it with you. The original article was written by Clair Cafaro…….. Focusing on a smooth, round stroke will actually help to produce more

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