encouraging women to ride bikes

Great stories from around the world encouraging women to ride bikes

I always love to hear from other female cyclists from around the world who are encouraging women to ride bikes. So when Barbara Kornbluh from New Jersey in the US contacted me a few weeks ago I was intrigued to hear her story, about her tandem cycling business, her own apparel brand and most especially about her regular bike rides with her ‘Evelyn Hill’ group. Barbara and her husband Mel, of Pittsgrove Township, New Jersey, have been riding tandem for more than 44 years, logging 191,000 miles (over 300,000 km) as they get fit together. They also split up and

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2018 Giro Rosa

Is the 2018 Giro Rosa really the biggest women’s bike race of the year?

Every year at this time I write about the Women’s ‘biggest’ stage race of the year – the 2018 Giro Rosa, a race that is starting at the end of this week. This year I’m going to take a slightly different approach because I think the Giro Rosa, while it’s the women’s race with the most stages, it’s been pipped as the ‘biggest’ by some other events that are getting more attention like the Women’s Tour of Britain. The Women’s Tour of Britain which took place last month for the fifth time is getting more attention because its organisers are

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write a letter to my younger self

Write a letter to my younger self – Go ride a bike

I’ve always wanted to try this exercise – write a letter to my younger self, and because this is a women’s cycling blog I’m going to focus on cycling and things related to riding and exercise. I’m imagining that I’m 21 years old for this letter. I’ve just finished my undergraduate uni degree at Bathurst in NSW and I’ve moved backed to Sydney to pursue my public relations career. Dear Nicola I’m writing this letter from a couple of decades in the future. I hope the passing of time has made me wiser and therefore qualified to provide this advice.

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Life and Death - A Cycling Memoir

A Must read for cycling fans is Bridie O’Donnell’s Life and Death – a Cycling Memoir

The very first interview (via email) I conducted when I started this blog nearly seven years ago was with Bridie O’Donnell, so I was very interested when I read that she’d penned a book called Life and Death – a Cycling Memoir. I’ve followed her career with interest since then, and wrote a second post after she broke the Women’s UCI Hour record the year before year. In fact, just after I published the second post I was in Geelong for the Cadel Great Ocean Ride and I spotted her across the road putting money in a parking meter. I

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research into women’s cycling participation

Read the latest research into women’s cycling participation from Cycling Victoria

I’m always interested in research into women’s cycling participation so I was intrigued to see a piece of research from Cycling Victoria last month. I’m a member of the Women’s Commission of Cycling NSW (the neighbouring state and key rival for those who aren’t Australian), and within my role I often look to Cycling Victoria for their leadership on the topic of women’s participation. This piece of research conducted by a University collaboration for Cycling Victoria has some interesting conclusions. I was particularly interested in their methodology in which they used desk research, interviews of only 11 people and observation.

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dressing for road cycling in cool weather

Dressing for road cycling in cool weather is all about the layers

Dressing for road cycling in cool weather is all about the layers. I’m lucky enough to live in the lovely city of Sydney, where our weather is fairly temperate all year round, but it does get a little cool in the middle of winter. That means I’m a big fan of layers for colder temperatures, and I vary my layers depending on just how cold it gets. In the past I had a tendency to overdress, but I’ve been making a concerted effort to get it right this autumn and winter, and so far so good. A good rule to

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cyclist’s message to drivers

A cyclist’s message to drivers and other road users

I came across a great Facebook post last week that was a great cyclist’s message to drivers by fellow cyclist Brett Lambkin. So I contacted Brett and asked him if I could republish it here with some minor edits. I urge all the cyclists who read this to share it widely with all their non-cyclist network to help educate other road users, particularly car drivers. It sums up my own view perfectly….Over to Brett. I am done arguing online with other road users so I’m just going to summarise my arguments and then let it go. Cyclists are LEGALLY entitled

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High Country Women's Cycling Festival

If you build it, they will flock to the High Country Women’s Cycling Festival

I can’t wait until next year’s High Country Women’s Cycling Festival to be held in Bright Victoria in March 2019. Unfortunately I missed the inaugural last month, because the date clashed with the Blayney to Bathurst weekend. So I asked the brainchilds of the event Clare and Michelle to tell me a bit about it so I could share with you all. For those who don’t know about Bright in Victoria’s beautiful high country, it’s a cycling mecca. There’s lots of road riding options for climbers and plenty of bike paths on flatter ground. There’s also lots of mountain bike

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Say yes to spotlight moments

Say yes to spotlight moments and magic will follow

I read a great blog post the other day encouraging readers to say yes to spotlight moments, written by fellow PR professional Catriona Pollard. Catriona and I have known each other for quite a few years. She was actually the catalyst for this blog – Women Who Cycle. Nearly seven years ago I was attending a business lunch where Catriona was the guest speaker. She was talking about blogging, and it sparked an idea in my head that a week later led to the birth of womenwhocycle.com. That’s a bit of an aside, but Cartriona writes a lot about establishing

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from professional cyclist to AFL player

Emma Mackie’s marvelous move from professional cyclist to AFL player

The Australian Football League (AFL) has done a great job of launching and promoting its AFL Women’s competition, so I was intrigued to read about a former rider who made the move from professional cyclist to AFL player. I actually met Emma Mackie a few years ago when she worked for Specialized and I was on a training course. We rode side-by-side and I asked her about her professional riding career. Since that time, it has all changed for her so this time I asked her about her new sporting career as an AFL player. Q: You reached the highest level

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