Will cycling make my thighs bigger

Help – Will cycling make my thighs bigger?

This seems to be one of those recurring questions that I get asked – Will cycling make my thighs bigger? You’ll be pleased to know that the answer is an emphatic no. In my own case I’ve slimmed down in my thigh and bottom area since I took up cycling, even though I actually weigh more than I previously did. Here’s a few reasons why your legs are not going to expand: Muscle is leaner than fat Muscle weighs a lot more than fat. Cycling will change the shape of your legs, but unless you’re doing a lot of squats,

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rookie mistakes female road cyclists make

Six rookie mistakes female road cyclists make

This list of rookie mistakes female road cyclists make, is simply a list of six things I did when I first started riding a road bike almost ten years ago. I share it with you in the hope that other newbie riders might skip them. And I’m sure there are many more, but these are the six that spring to my mind: Grinding the gears This seems to be a common mistake that most road riders make, and I was certainly guilty of it. It seems that when we start out, we expect it to be hard to turn over

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lights for a road bike to see and be seen

You need good lights for a road bike to see and be seen

Like many road cyclists, I ride early in the morning to avoid traffic, and to leave the rest of my day free to work or play, so I use lights for a road bike to see and be seen. This means that for several months during the year I leave home in the dark. One thing that constantly amazes me is that I see other cyclists riding around with inadequate or even no lights on their bikes. They are also often decked out in dark clothing on dark bikes. I’m not sure if they are trying to be really ‘cool’

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women of the Australian Commonwealth Games Cycling team

Meet the women of the Australian Commonwealth Games Cycling team

The Commonwealth Games on Queensland’s Gold Coast start next Wednesday so I thought I’d introduce the women of the Australian Commonwealth Games Cycling team. Here’s a rundown of the female Aussie cyclists who will be riding on the track, road and trails. The track program runs from Thursday, 5 April to Sunday, 8 April, with the women’s road race on Saturday, 14 April. The women’s time trial is on Tuesday, 10 April and the mountain bike on Thursday, 12 April 2018. Defending scratch race Gold medallist and dual world champion Annette Edmondson, dual 2014 Games medallist and world champion Amy Cure

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Why riding my bike makes me happy

Why riding my bike makes me happy?

Yesterday was International Day of Happiness, and of course I automatically thought about why riding my bike makes me happy. When I reflected, I came up with five reasons: Riding is fun The simple act of propelling a bike along, and experiencing the wind rushing by, is fun. It’s strange that a bicycle cannot stand up on its own, but it stays upright when you ride it. I find it fun to achieve that balance. It gives me a sense of freedom that I really don’t experience in any other way. Social connections For me, cycling has brought so many

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Great news…Cycling improves your immune system

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know that I’m a great fan of new research that proves the many benefits of cycling, and the latest shows that cycling improves your immune system. Wouldn’t you like to have the immune system of a 20 year old, when you’re really over 55? In a recent study, published in a journal  called Aging Cell, researchers looked at 125 very active adult cyclists who were between ages 55 and 79. The researchers analysed their blood for markers of T-cells, which are known to help the immune system fight infections. The study authors

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International Women's Day

Celebrate International Women’s Day by reflecting on the plight of girls in developing nations

Happy International Women’s Day everyone. Today is a day that celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women. And while I’m walking around my comfortable house singing “I am woman, hear me roar”, I think it’s important to reflect on the lives of women and girls around the world, who have so many challenges for even their basic needs. Last week I met up with the fabulous Dagmar who is charged with the responsibility of starting the work of the amazing charity World Bicycle Relief in Australia. And this is where the International Women’s Day tie-in comes. World

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Gear Up Girl

Cycle your way to a healthy heart with Gear Up Girl

Gear Up Girl is an annual ride held in my hometown of Sydney, to encourage women of all ages and abilities to enjoy the freedom of riding. Its key supporter is The Heart Foundation which I think is a fantastic sponsorship arrangement because heart disease is such a big killer of women. But the best part of the relationship is that cycling is so good for heart health. Here’s why…. When you exercise, your heart needs to beat faster and more powerfully to pump more blood around your body in order to supply enough oxygen to your muscles so that

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amazing female endurance cyclists

I love sharing the stories of amazing female endurance cyclists like Alaina Beacall

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know that I love sharing stories from amazing female endurance cyclists like Alaina Beacall from the UK. Alaina contacted me last year to ask me to help spread the word. She’s a 28 year old doctor from Merseyside. She started cycling in 2016 when a friend suggested she try the ride from Lands End to John O’Groats. She loved the combination of challenging herself physically whilst riding through wild and beautiful places. We’ve since traded a few emails and here’s some more of her story: Q: What got you started in

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do you suffer from FONKU

Female cyclists: do you suffer from FONKU?

I hope I’ve got your attention with that provocative question; do you suffer from FONKU? In case you’re interested enough to read to on, FONKU is an acronym for ‘Fear Of Not Keeping Up’. I believe that there’s plenty of female bike riders that suffer from FONKU and it’s holding us back. I actually include myself in that cohort. So I made up my own term for it. I sometimes go out for group rides and decide that I won’t be able to keep up even before I leave home, and I often hear similar laments from other female riders.

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